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Establishing a Collegial Environment

A collegial work environment is trusting and supportive, improving the flow of ideas and work products while recognizing the individual need of each member of the staff.

To be truly successful, the Treasury Human Capital Strategic Plan (THCSP) challenges managers with Goal 7 to "Have a work environment that is safe, healthy, flexible, and supportive and focused on providing an optimum work-life balance."

Arnold Bateman's article on Developing a Productive Team. provides the fundamentals for a collegial work environment, suggesting -

  • High level of interdependence among team members
  • Team leader has good people skills and is committed to team approach
  • Each team member is willing to contribute
  • Team develops a relaxed climate for communication
  • Team members develop a mutual trust
  • Team and individuals are prepared to take risks
  • Team is clear about goals and establishes targets
  • Team member roles are defined
  • Team members know how to examine team and individual errors without personal attacks
  • Team has capacity to create new ideas
  • Each team member knows he can influence the team agenda
Demo comment: The list can be shorter. Committee to select 3 or 4 team building items to highlight.

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The optimal collegial work environment easily accommodates the everyday exigencies arising from individual family issues that are just a normal part of life by providing -

  • Generous annual and sick leave programs with a Family friendly leave policies emphasis.
  • Training and career development assistance and planning so each member may achieve their maximum potential
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) , including counseling services for a range of personal issues if necessary
  • Guidance on how to achieve the balance between work and family life.
  • Work schedules and work sites that can help accommodate employee and family needs; and most important,
  • Comprehensive guidance so every employee knows what is expected to maintain a safe work environment

    And, managers need to be particularly sensitive to issues that can disrupt the harmony of a collegial work environment, such as-

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Domestic Violence
  • Alcoholism,
  • Stress and/or
  • Conflict

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